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More Screen Shots : Here

Note : First Boot Will take 5mins or more..

Some Of the Specs :

* Based on DDKT3 2.3.6 Rom
*Ext4 Filesystem
*Also Ext3 supports
*806Mhz kernel
>17 Cpu Governors - brazillianwax,interactive,Scary,userspace,lazy smoothass SavagedZen,interactiveX,lagfreeconservative,powers ave
Lionheart,Ondemand and Powersave
>4 I/O Sheduler -vr,sio,noop,deadline 
*Darktremor App2sd
* 14 Status Bar Toggles 
* Swipe to Remove Notification
*Dsp Manager
*Miui Music Player
*Sdcard Read/Write Speed
*Camera moded
*New icon pack 
*Better battery performance


Download : Here

Source : Here

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