[ROM] CREED v3.2

DEV : pratyush.creed

More Screenshots : Here

Changes in Creed v3.2 from 3.1 :

*Fresh New UI with a more Transparent Effect
*UI Inspired from both Aosp ICS and Touchwiz
*15 Status Bar Toggles : Added Wifi Hotspot
*Minimalist Toggles Bar : like CM
*New Improved Creed Home
-4x4 App Menu
-5 Docks
-List View Mode
-App Share
-9 HomeScreens
-(Removed Landscape Mode)
*Added Creed Parts for various New Functions and Settings
*7 Lockscreen Mod
-Slide Unlock
-Ring Unlock
-Rotatory Unlock
-Revamped Rotatory Unlock
-Ring Unlock
-Circle Unlock
-AOSP GB Style Unlock
*Lockscreen Custom App Starter For Cyanogen Locks
*Gesture Unlock for Cyanogen Locks
*Menu Key Unlock For Cyanogen Locks
*Flip Mute via Creed Parts
*Toggles Order and Arrangement via Creed Parts
*Status Bar Mods (Custom Battery and Clock Options)
*ClockWork Mod Manager via Creed Parts
*Windows Animation/Samsung Secret Codes/Startup Manager via Creed Parts
*New Kernel
*Random Bootanimation : (Place All ur Bootanimations in /sdcard/creed Folder with Different Names To be Played Randomly at Every Boot)

How to Install Rom :
1.Download ROM and Copy to SD Card.
2.Install Clockworkmod Recovery From Here: CWM 5
3.Boot Into Recovery Mode.
4.Flash Via CWM.
5.Do a Data Reset.
6.Do a Reboot

Download : 
- zCreed_3.2.Zip
- Patch (To Be Installed After Installing v3.2)

Extra's : 
App Background Changer & Its Instructions 

1 comment:

  1. 1. Problem with live wallpaper
    2. App2SD problem
    3. App menu problem
    4. Sometime phone goes on waiting or goes slow
    4. Icon in upper bar comes one above another & many
    contact me:-
    pdygsp@Gmail.com (for screen shot)