Andro-ID v3.3.1 (with ics theme)

DEV : tj_style @ XDA

Screen shots : HERE

Some Of  the Specs..

Android Gingerbread 2.3.6
Clean and Great Performance
Andro-ID Artwork (UI & Animation)
OC up to 864Mhz
Tiny Preempt RCU Subsystem
IO Schedulers: NOOP, CFQ, BFQ, SIO, VR
Added more CPU Governor: Interactive, InteractiveX, SmartAss, SmartAss2, Scary, SavagedZen, SmoothAss, BrazillianWax, MinMax & LagFree
Swap Enabled
Using EXT4 filesystem
Pre Rooted
Busybox installed
Bash installed
Redefined StatusBar
App2SD removed (so you can choose to installing DT App2SD or S2E manualy)
Reboot and Recovery shortcut added
Swipe to Remove Notification  (Thanks to hansip87)
CMScreenshot added
CRT on/off Animation (Thanks to Whitehawkx)
Using ICS Transition Animation
Fully customized Touchwiz Framework and added more Touchwiz Widget
Some Bloatware removed
All hardware is working great


Andro-ID 3.3.1 ROM


ICS Theme :

Specs :
> ICS Style

> 1 % battery Mod (Thanks to Pratyush for Icons)
> MOD Fix Deskclock with ICS Theme to LDPI Device
> ICS Notifications Layout

Download ICS Theme : Here (Updated)

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