[ROM]CyanogenMod 7.2 Stable - GingerBread Sandwich V4 [Update: 2012-06-16]

Ported & Modified By : FxSxKx @ XDA

Screen shots : Comming Soon..

V4 version based on the new ROM: Cyanogenmod 7.2 Stable for Galaxy Mini,  with release date of 6/16/2012. It is free of bugs, is smooth and very fast. It fully supports with Slaidyboost and Adrenaline Engine.

Features :

- Added theme ICS by AChep,
- Added the fonts Ice Cream Sandwich 
- Clock mod - add the font of ics 
- Added Google Nexus Bootanimation 
- Added Settings ICS (ICS-style settings) Bugs Free!
- Added some tweaks for speed, efficiency and, to save battery power
- Added ICS Layouts patches (optional)
- ICS notification style
- ICS Lockscreen style
- Added new launcher (Holo Launcher v1.0.4) 
- Added ringtones for incoming calls and notifications of ICS
- Added the google nexus wallpapers

Stable version:
- Added more tweaks for power save and performance
- Added Adrenaline™ Engine (See Extra's)
- Added Bravia Engine that works perfectly with either roms (See Extra's) 
- Task Manager added (See Extra's), install as a normal app

How to install ROM:
- Download the package and place it on your SD Card
- Boot In Recovery Mode
- Wipe data, Wipe cache, Wipe Dalvik cache, Format data, cache and system
- Install zip from SD card and enjoy

How install patches:
- Mount System and flash GingerbreadSandwich-patch.zip
- Reboot system
- Mount System and flash GingerbreadSandwich-undo.zip
- Reboot system
- Again Mount system and flash GingerbreadSandwich-patch.zip again,
- And You Are Done.. Enjoy..!

Download ROM : HERE


  1. do i need to install the patches even if i installed the whole rom ?

    1. yes, you should install the patches after installing the rom.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, of course .. that's what the blog's for .. ^.^

  3. Cyanogenmod 7.2 Stable for Galaxy Mini as per above given that's y m asked

  4. The camera zoom and SIM toolkit in this version are not working either .. ;(

  5. Seguí los pasos y me da "Instalation aborted" :( what can i do?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. whats it with the extras ? how to install them is it the same way like for patches ?

  8. usb mass storage not working properly (sometimes work & sometimes it doesnt) & adrenaline engine not working either

    1. help me out & not able to connect to PC

  9. Camera force closing
    for me only 100 out of 20 times camera working.
    After disabling airplane mod mobile is restart.
    please give me solution for camera.

  10. Wht is to be zippeed from sdcard..??
    what frm dis..??