[ROM] CyanogenMod 7 MusicEdition v4.0

DEV : Feras.Rehman @ XDA

Screen shots : No need of them because its default cm7 (no changes in UI)

This rom is heavily based on cm7 rc0 by Tj_Style, and cm9(for music tweaks) 

Key Features :
- This has great music quality.
- The Graphics quality is greatly increased.
- Its quite fast. Got ~1850 in quadrant without any oc kernel

What does this include? 
-Lots of tweaks
-Many music enhancements
-really light weight
-Includes some performance tweaks
-Includes some battery saving tweaks
-cm9 music tweaks
-Bass enhancement
-Improved Graphics
-3d sound enhancement( U can feel it if u hear through earphones)

What tweaks does it include?
- Performance tweaks and Music tweaks

Known Bugs :
S2E wont work unless u flash a fix..


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