[ROM] Cyanogenmod 7.2 ICS Style v4.5

DEV : janarthananfit
NOTE: v4.5 Not ported from mini its fully modified from TJ rom.
i.e based on Cyanogenmod 7.2 Stable by TJ sir..

Preview :

More Screen shots : HERE

V4.5 Features :
- Better battery backup
- Default cpu overclock: min frequency 604 mhz ; max frequency 729 mhz;
- New Settings.apk;
- News wallpapers apk for: ICS, Jelly bean, Honeycomb and cyanogenmod wallpapers;
- Airplane mode active by default after first boot (for those without a data plan)
- Ability to install unknown source application at first boost
- Updated sources by TJ
- Tweaks added

Download :

Patches :

For More Info Visit The Source


  1. 1.How can we install patches???
    2. How can we install bravia engine in this rom???
    3. Can we install adrenaline engine??? If yes than how??

    Pls ans my all 3 quastions..

    1. you can install all these things via cm5 recovery..
      simply install them by choosing zip..
      and you can find the patches in search on top right.. :-)

  2. I m using 2.3.6 DDKT3 and i root my phone. I download thia all file. Now how can i install it?? Is there any need to install cwm5??

  3. Can i install bravia and andernaline engine for this rom???

  4. is everything working??????????????

  5. plz rplyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy